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Tuesday, August 19, 2008
Well, I don't think any of you would be particularly interested but you can see what I've been up to in college here.

"I live in miracles." Y
@ 8:46 AM

Tuesday, May 13, 2008
A Little Note
Due to the sluggish uploading of photos on blogger's server, I've temporarily shifted to another webpage momentarily.
(You can find my latest updates here.)
Why wordpress? Because the only other blog server I'm familiar with, fc2, isn't very good for uploading photos either. So I decided to take a page out of Jia Min's book and shift to wordpress for the moment.
Sorry for my recent laziness with updating.

"I live in miracles." Y
@ 12:00 PM

Friday, April 25, 2008
Last day of K1

please tell me if the font is too small

Due to unforeseen circumstances, which I shall not divulge here, I've been cut off from the blogosphere for quite some time and I'm here to make up for lost time - or at least I hope I am.

It's nice to keep up with everyone through their blogs (and spamming their chatterbox) but it's also kinda sad to not be able to meet up and have fun with old friends. Jia Min, Ken Vin, John, Kim, Amanda, Tzuk and the rest of y'all who don't have blogs - I MISS YOU!

You guys must be having fun in college. I got that much from a fifty-minute conversation with Keshinn. Say hi to Sanjay and Muthu for me, dude. But that's not to say that I've been slacking off either! I'm not!

I was, and still AM, attending an intensive course for Japanese Language at ICLS, next to Burger King, and thanks for coming out to find me the other day, Kel!

...jeez, what is up with me today? I'm literally spamming my own blog space.

Moving on, these are a few pics from way back on the final day of K1 aka Japanese Intensive Course Stage 1.

Here we are, hard at work. Or at least my classmates are. I'm standing on my chair snapping photos, hehe.

And this, believe it or not, is (supposed to be) a caricature of me. For those of you who are curious, the Japanese above my head reads: "Jisho-kun", meaning "Miss/Mr. Dictionary". You should all probably take note that the nickname does not have my consent -__-

A little chibi sketch of my classmates by yours truly, which was quite ill-advised since I drew them during my study time.

Full view of sketch and door. We're always in ROOM 1.

Finale! After the exam, we all gather for a huge group picture, in which Arakawa-sensei, Tasaka-sensei and Araki-sensei are sadly absent from.

Top Row (l-r): Tani-sensei, Karen, Kobayashi-sensei, Wan Yee, Christine, Nakamura-sensei.
Bottom row (l-r): Araya-sensei, Crystal, Leona, Jing Jing.
Most bottom: Me =9

Aerial shot! YAY!

Crystal, Christine, Wan Yee, why haven't you returned for K2?!!!!
Now we are left with the quadruplet of clowns in our class + newcomer Zaru, whom I hope we haven't creeped out yet ^^;

Arakawa-sensei, watashi no shatsu Osutoraria de kaimashita. Honto desu. 
Karen-san, itsu pizza o tabemasuka?
Leona-san, Shingaporu no omiyage arimasuka?
Jing Jing
-san...blog arimasuka? Anata no URL dake nai yo.
Zaru-san, watashi-tachi no kurasu ni yokoso. Daijoubu desu ka?


"I live in miracles." Y
@ 12:00 PM

Thursday, April 10, 2008
L Trial Cosplay
This is what happens when you (or rather, I) feel somewhat senseless, have some free time, and your brother agreed to give you his whole tub of Gatsby wax. A little acting class to get rid of your self-conscious image also helps.

"Watashi wa L desu."
"I am L."

"Omae wa KIRA, darou."
"You are KIRA, aren't you?!"

"Watashi wa seigi desu."
"I am justice."

Watashi no aibou.

My partner.
Please pardon the madness. My client was feeling unwell when he/she took these photos. Fortunately, he/she has returned to his/her senses since then and will send "get well" cookies to those whose eyes have been raeped by these photos.
-Yours, Jack Evemurmurs.

"I live in miracles." Y
@ 12:00 PM

eighteen years old and already predicatable...that can't be good, can it?

The first thing I asked my mom after she showed me all this was: "Did you bring back anything that wasn't food?"
When she stayed silent for a few moments, I think my jaw fell to the ground. She probably understands very well that I love snacks - Japanese snacks - above all, but surely she's bought some unedible memorabilia from her trip to Japan!
Turns out she did ^^
Hysterics for no point, sigh.

(for record's sake, my bro and I already finished a quarter off that pile)

"I live in miracles." Y
@ 12:00 PM

we need to meet more often

brief lunch meeting with kel and deep at asia cafe. T_T i wanna go for the genting outing with tzuk and everyone else this friday? why must you choose this week?!! T_T

"I live in miracles." Y
@ 12:00 PM

I've Been Told That I was Dangerous...with a Camera

Further proof that what happens in the classroom...

...should stay in the classroom.

Leona and her ride (low and loud)

Pizza at Asia Cafe n_n

Don't mind us - we're just eating.

A lame attempt at role-playing L, lol.

After class, Leona, Karen and I went to Sunway Pyramid for some archery.

Go Karen! Um, Leona, what are you doing?

Legolas Jr.!...not.

Left: Leona, Middle: Me, Right: Karen. You can obviously tell that I'm the noobie, right?

Because we had time to spare, the both of them went to fulfill a lifelong dream: DDR!


It's L!!!!!!

Fooling around with the 10,000BC elephant.

Finally, we reached our true destination - Sushi King!

The stuff of Japanophile dreams! Orgasm-inducing salmon!

The area after the disaster.

Checkpoint - please bayar!

must go archery again!!! Thanks for bringing me there, guys!

"I live in miracles." Y
@ 12:00 PM

Tuesday, April 8, 2008
A snapshot of the whiteboard in my Japanese classroom.

Because we had to send my brother off to college first before they could drop me off at the language centre, I was extra late for Japanese class. Not that I was ever early anyway.

But what I never expected was to be cheered at and applauded upon opening the door of the classroom. Truth was, they were cheering and applauding my teacher, Nakamura-sensei.

Why? Take a look at the photo.

They were placing bets on the time I would arrive to class! Okay la, I admit I'm always late - Malaysian rubber time and all - but still!

Bets placed: ¬ class starts at 10 a.m.¬
Nakamura - 10.18 a.m.
Jing Jing - 10.20 a.m.
Karen - 10.20 a.m.
Wan Yi - 10.20 a.m.
Christine - 10. 20 a.m.
Crystal - 10.25 a.m.
(Crystal, how could you?!)

Nakamura-sensei won, cos I came at exactly 10.18 a.m.

If this isn't a cause for an eyebrow raise, I don't know what is.


"I live in miracles." Y
@ 12:00 PM

When the Chicken Crosses the Road

Pancake dessert at Delifrance cafe, Sungei Wang.

Eating dessert is a combined effort n_n


Josh was acting very /peculiar/ this Sunday. Much more /peculiar/ than his usual /peculiar/ self. I guess I can attribute his added strange behaviour to his equally odd insatiable hunger (he had grilled mushroom chicken at Secret Recipe and the aforementioned pancake dessert at Delifrance). He only stopped because he was scared of running out of money.

I shall stop here because he will kill me if I write any more. LOL, just joking la Josh ^^

Well, this Sunday was actually a little special for both Josh and I because for the first time, we attended Youth Fellowship with Daryl and Henry at Jalan Imbi Chapel. Of course, we left for lunch almost immediately afterwards because we were so darn hungry.

I blame Josh for robbing our chances of eating at Waffle Stop. Why do you hate waffles, Josh?!

Daryl and I were all for it too! ><

"I always lose my appetite after eating. I wonder why." - Daryl

"I live in miracles." Y
@ 12:00 PM

A Day (before) Acting Class

How many adults does it take to find a way to Sentul STAR LRT station? Count it out yourself!
(l-r): Hui Yin, Sani, Shirin, Alex
"We're women! We don't use maps! We use our intuition!" - Shirin
So true..so true..

"I live in miracles." Y
@ 12:00 PM

Monday, April 7, 2008
A Day in Japanese Class

I present to you Araki-sensei and her three pets!: Jing Jing, Karen, and Leona!

A funny thing happened to me one day. Although some of my friends/family would protest, saying, "It's not funny!" But to me, it's still kinda funny because I ended up okay, despite all of it! Thank you, Father!

What happened was that while eating with my Japanese classmates one day, I saw Li Wei. Wait, that wasn't the 'funny thing' that happened to me. But it was still surprising seeing Li Wei there. he was equally stunned as well since he was dumfounded for all of two minutes (exaggeration here! ><) before asking, "What are you doing here?" snicker

Then, while extorting my Japanese teacher (Nakamura-sensei) for her mobile phone number, the small fan on the ceiling of the restaurant sort of exploded and one of its plastic wings hit me on the back of my head.

The first impression I had was of being hit by a plate and for a moment, I thought some waiter person had dropped a dish on me or something. Then Christine held up the broken plastic fan wing and I went completely "O_O".

After much fussing over whether or not I was seriously injured, we went back to the language centre to resume our Japanese class, with me feeling slightly out of it and a little high, with my friends continually asking whether I was alright.

Even Li Wei, who had left by the time I fell victim to the faulty fan, heard of the incident and sms-ed me. Thanks for your concern, dude. Well, that's a little memory I can save for future story-telling. Funnily enough (or not), this incident has now become a source of humour in my Japanese class (-_-;;)

Though, I think it's pretty safe to say that this was a one-in-a-million experience. After all, how many of you can say that you've been hit by a wing of exploding fan and lived without bumps to tell the tale?

`Diary section`
Reading: The Somnambulist by Jonathan Barnes
Doing: Japanese homework

"I live in miracles." Y
@ 12:00 PM

Monday, March 31, 2008
Kyo wa nani ga atta?

Kyo wa Nihongo no Beginner 2 saigo no hi desu, soshite B2 no tesuto desu. Kyo mo Jia Ji-san no last day desu. Tesuto wa amari muzukashikunakata desu kara, chotto kuyashi desu. Watashi wa 98 ten desu kara.

Demo, kyo wa honto tanoshikata desu. Watashi wa Desu Noto no L to Naruto no Jiraiya wa engishimashita. Zenbude Karen-san no okage desu. Arigato, Karen-ojosama!

Ue (hidari kara nigi made): Wan Yi, Crystal, Leona, Christine
Shita (hidari kara nigi made): Karen, watashi, Jia Ji, Nakamura-sensei, Jing Jing

Doshite omae tachi was me ga shimemashita?!!

Watashi wa Nihon e IKITAI desu!

L Change the World o mitai desu!

"I live in miracles." Y
@ 12:00 PM

Right now, Ming is having lectures in NS, which she tells me is like Pendidikan Moral all over again, lol. There are some funny stories, which I shall keep to myself because I'm selfish that way, kekeke.
Anyways, this is the night before Ming left for NS. Deep and I had dinner with her family at Chilis Mid Valley. It's the WMD reuniting!

Deep and Ming, and an ad for Friends Forever! movie, coming soon to a theatre near you.

Who can deny the food from Chilis? Ming's having steak, Deep's got lamb, I've ordered Southwestern Eggrolls (phwoar, they're delicious!!!) and there's a basket of bottomless nachos to my left ~ yippee!

This is sort of like a before and after photo. This is before.

This is after. Spot the difference!

Martin ordered a burger and man, were they generous with their chips!

After we finished our meal, Ming's aunt gave Deep a lesson in tying up your hair only with clips in the toilet. We sort of caused a line outside the toilet, lulz.

The sated family...

Deep had to leave early! Yet another Friendship Forever ad.

Then, we traipsed all over Jusco to find snacks for Ming: biscuits, instant noodles, seaweed and the like. Eric took the opportunity to refill his stock of Coca-Cola light while we're at it ^^

`Diary Section`

Watching: Meitantei Conan

"I live in miracles." Y
@ 12:00 PM

Guess where I went on Sunday?
This is a post I should have updated a long time ago, but due to my apparent inherent laziness, it has not seen the light of day until now. The fact that I bestow the same fate to many of my works and photos is somewhat regretable but, oh well, what the heck?
Dude, would you move on to the photos already?
Right, of course.
That Sunday, Mr. James was very kind enough to treat us to lunch! Chicken rice galore, people. I nearly heard angels sing; I haven't had chicken rice in such a long time - bliss!

There was also this selection in the restaurant. I gave in to temptation and bought a 'lou po peng' ('wife biscuit') for later.

I'm sure many of you have eaten at this place at least once =)

Then, we met up with the guys at Pavilion to watch 'The Spiderwick Chronicles'.
Daryl just came back from Australia and because he couldn't smuggle a wallaby out of the country, he settled on giving me a small plushie. Koala-chan belongs to Ming n_n, they are in love.

First time seeing Daryl all military; usually Henry's the military expert, Daryl's the sci-fi geek, lol

And look what he brought back from Australia: Jelly Belly! The Tutti Frutti flavour tastes like Bubble Yum though, haha.

Joshua's da man!

Guess what? Chris dropped a Jelly Belly! The shockz! Chris dropped a Jelly Belly from Australia! A Jelly Belly! He dropped it!
Btw, that's Josh's foot.

The nuggets took a long time.

This is Ming's friend, Nicholas, whom I'm meeting for the first time. Only managed to say 'hi' and 'bye' though cos we were already late for the movie.

Time skip! The movie's over. Very scary for a kid's movie - Spiderwick Chronicles.

After that, we sat down at Zen for a snack or two.

Ming with koala-chan and wallaby-chan. There's Josh's bunny fingers and it looks like Luther's putting his head on Chris' shoulder. Chris looks weirded out, HAHA!

Then, we played charades based on the stuff from the menu. It was weird, haha.

Daryl's turn. "One word."

More stuff from Australia, courtesy of Daryl. Snaps! I wanted to try them!

Most of you probably'll notice Ming's new short hairstyle. Isn't it cute? n_n

`Diary section`
Watching: Meitantei Conan

"I live in miracles." Y
@ 12:00 PM


Sani: Do you girls mind if i take off my shirt? I feel really hot today.
Me: Go ahead, just as long as I remember I'm a minor.
Hui Yin: And that I'm a lawyer.

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